UCC Services

Collateral pledged by a loan applicant needs to be quickly researched for previous claims, and with Covius‘ UCC Services, you will get efficient, economic and thorough handling of all your UCC document needs.

Our dedicated in-house search staff and highly trained network of local search agents – with extensive knowledge of filing requirements and fees in every state and county – will deliver timely and trustworthy results for your loan applicants.

This expansive reach across the country allows Covius to fulfill the Uniform Commercial Code preference for filing a party’s Financing Statement in the proper filing office as a way to improve its positioning and perfecting the security interest.

Filing is only the beginning …

But filing is only the beginning of Covius’ UCC service. UCC’s expire, and that’s why Covius monitors every UCC document filing, and send its clients alerts 30 and 60 days ahead of that expiration date so they can have us amend, terminate, or file a continuation ahead of the deadline.

By letting us help manage the portfolio, our clients never have a gap in coverage allocation because of a lapse following an expiring UCC document.  Available services include:

  • UCC Searches by County and State
  • UCC Filings
  • UCC Amendments
  • UCC Continuations
  • UCC Terminations
  • UCC Monitoring

Outsource with confidence …

 More and more lenders are entrusting their UCC services to Covius. By outsourcing this crucial element of loan origination they gain experience, networking strength and secure verification searches and document filing.

Don’t waste precious time or money with costly delays and rejections. Let Covius handle UCC document filing and related services and get it done right from start to finish.

For more information, call 800.647.1190, email sales@chronossolutions.com or click here to fill out our information form.

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