Chronos Solutions Introduces Liens and Judgments Addendum to its Funding Suite Report Offerings

Thursday, September 14, 2017 – Chronos Solutions, a national real estate financial services provider based in Coppell, Texas, now offers a supplemental addendum to its suite of Funding Suite Credit Report offerings that provides the liens and civil judgments data that is no longer permitted in nationwide Credit Reporting Agencies’ credit reports. The supplemental lien and judgment report is available either as a standalone service or as an add-on to the credit report.

Liens and judgments information began being removed from credit reports in July 2017 following a ruling in a civil action suit that caused the majority of U.S. states to prohibit the information. Research presented in the civil case showed how this factor has negatively affected credit scores – sometimes wrongly – by up to 100 points.

However, while the reform, part of a National Consumer Assistance Plan, protects consumers from erroneous changes to their scores, liens and civil judgment records remain vital indicators of creditworthiness and the loss of them has increased lender exposure to risk.

To bridge the gap created by the reform, Chronos Solutions now offers this critical information in a separate supplement ordered independently or in conjunction with its Funding Suite Credit Reports. Now, without any connection to the consumer’s credit scores, lenders – without having to research it manually – have access to the data they need to make a solid decision.

For information on how to obtain Liens and Judgments information as a separate product or appended as a final page to the bureau credit report, call Chronos Solutions at 800.647.1190, email or visit

About Chronos Solutions

Coppell, Texas-based Chronos Solutions is a national technology enabled real estate financial services provider delivering elite mortgage and real estate services across the industry. Chronos offers customized transactional and business process management services to private sector and government clients, and its clients include federal agencies, top-five national lenders, leading mortgage servicers, real estate investment firms and more. The firm is a proven leader in title and settlement services; valuations; tailored credit and verification services; HOA solutions; accelerated asset liquidation and marketing; REO asset management and disposition; field services; asset acquisition and investor services and innovative technology applications and systems. Chronos Solutions prides itself on offering the deepest resources and widest networks to provide optimal capacity for even the largest clients; while providing service levels similar to that of a boutique firm.  Clients assert that the company’s creativity and flexibility make them stand out among national real estate service companies.

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