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AppraisalGuard™ is a secure, web-based residential and commercial appraisal management solution that enables lenders to self-manage the appraisal process. Greater management-level control and multi-department efficiency gives AppraisalGuard a big advantage over other systems. See the speed of loan production and underwriting increase as you tighten lender compliance with appraisal regulations, including the latest from CFPB and Dodd-Frank.

Appraisal Guard - Appraisal Management Solutions

Standard Features

  • UCDP, UAD and EAD-compliant
  • Auto submission for SSRs
  • Unlimited users and the ability to manage all clients, branch offices, employees and appraisers
  • Connect to your trusted appraisal management companies (AMCs), appraiser panel, or both
  • Impartial appraisal orders
  • Administrative controls
  • Appraisal dashboard: instantly obtain real-time statuses for all appraisal orders
  • Automated status update emails sent to all users
  • Appraiser registration page; no manual data entry
  • Appraiser performance ratings and the ability to track individual appraiser service-levels and appraisal quality
  • Automated tracking of expired appraiser licenses and E&O coverage
  • Flag orders and mark them for future follow-up
  • Instant messaging and the ability to send messages within individual appraisal files
  • Date- and time-stamped communication and notes
  • Automated appraisal verification and review tools
  • Merchant account integration for credit card processing
  • LOS system-to-system integration
  • Integration with existing accounting system via CSV data exports
  • Borrower appraisal acknowledgment is generated, delivered and recorded by the system
  • Custom automated email notifications
  • Custom compliance certificate and invoice
  • Custom accounting, appraisal, appraiser, branch and company reports

Promote and protect your mortgage lending business by giving your appraisal process the oversight, tracking and compliance it deserves with AppraisalGuard™ from Chronos Solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Mitigates company risk and ensures industry compliance
  • Reduces operating costs, enhances customer service and transparency
  • Private-labeled and in production in less than 10 days
  • No client-side technology is required, only internet connection
  • Secure-hosted and certified SSAE 16 (SOC)

Commercial Features

  • Custom commercial appraiser registration page
  • Appraisal bid process: send bid requests to multiple appraisers with one click
  • Automatically track all bids from start to finish
  • Custom commercial-specific appraisal order form
  • Enhanced commercial quality control status area, including reviewer specific assignment
  • Integrated real-time commercial dashboard to track the status of your appraisals every step of the way
  • A commercial-focused quality control checklist with user-directed customization